Keeping your machine serviced can mean the difference in making to your riding destination or having to get a tow. Here at Pro Tech Cycles we can handle all of your maintenance needs from oil and filter change to tire replacement to complete full service of your machine. Here you will find some of the common service jobs that we offer with a more detailed description of what get done. If you have any other questions please call the shop during business hours Monday-Saturday and we will help the best we can.

Motorcycle Full Service


Pro-Tech Cycles
1930 US Hwy 84 E.
Cairo, GA

Service Description

Servicing a bike is good maintenance. It ensures you get good life of you machine. At Pro-Tech Cycles a full service includes a whole array of things getting inspected and changed. Here at Pro-Tech when we do a full service we change oil and filter, replace plugs, clean or replace the air filter, check tire condition and air, check brakes and brake fluid, (replace as needed), check battery and cable tightness, check light operation, lube controls, check coolant and fan operation, adjust and lube chain or change diff fluid. Everything externally checkable and adjustable gets done on a full service. If more info is needed don't hesitate to call! 229-307-0009